Shorin Enterprise ★ Aser Elevator ★ History

 Shorin Enterprise founded at 2000.

 Initially only with elevator maintenance and repair operations.

During this period, our carefully service for customers that they are willing to believe the our company’s professional.

  Customers trust on the warranty of our company.

Over the years, through the service of elevator maintenance experience, a deep understanding of the importance of Shorin elevator for each family.  

The elevator fact is that we need to accompany a lifetime from buy to move house, have a baby and push stroller and to the elderly parents up and down the stairs.

 Every family needs a lift.  

But also because of the accumulated experience of lift maintenance.  

We know that every element to construct a good elevator.

Therefore, we introduced its own brand Aser Elevator from 2015.

Shorin Enterprise integrates manufacturing in Taiwan.

With strict quality checks and parts.

  We direct and sales from our factory to Taiwan and  global market.

Allowing you to rest assured that things will lift us !!